2018-02-12 17:22:21

The terrifying moment a bride nearly drowns as she plus size maxi dress

plus size maxi dress
The terrifying moment a bride nearly drowns as she gets stuck plus size maxi dress her wedding dress after jumping into water before FIVE people come to her rescue.

Maybe it was the excitement of the day, or maybe it was being egged on by her party guests and those on boats nearby, but one bride made a not-so-wise decision on her wedding day that could've cost her her life.

For whatever reason, she jumped from the edge of her boat into the water where her photographer was waiting to capture the moment, but it didn't turn out to be quite as picture perfect as they planned.

Her multi-layered dress enveloped plus size maxi dress her as soon as she broke through the surface and she was stuck underneath it for a terrifying 27 seconds before five people were able to free her from the fabric.

The bride stood on the edge of a boat in full wedding garb as her wedding guests, clad in bikinis and swimsuits, watched on and filmed at an unknown long sleeve rompers location although believed to be somewhere in America.

She took one last look back at a friend filming the scenario before she leapt into the air in her poofy princess gown.

It seemed like a beautiful long sleeve rompers moment as the billowy fabric cupcaked around her lower half.

Finally, after nearly 30 seconds trapped under the dress, the woman emerged and could take another breath; She appeared shaken, but OK, after the ordeal.